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MarketSense+ is a comprehensive marketing and digital audit. Now, I am thrilled to announce that the first phase of this Strategic Focus Program is now available as a stand-alone service!

Dive deep with our comprehensive digital and marketing audit, tailored to provide rich insights specific to your needs and stage of growth. Marketsense+ will provide a detailed review of opportunities unique to your business. Get ready to illuminate the unseen facets of your marketing with MarketSense+. Whats included?

  • Gain In-Depth Insights: With MarketSense+, you will receive a thorough audit and review of your entire digital ecosystem and marketing practices*. A dive deep into your channels and data, analysing every aspect to uncover valuable insights.

  • Review Document with Opportunity Mapping: The outcome of your MarketSense+ audit is a audit review document. This document outlines potential areas of opportunity specific to your business, meticulously mapped out for your convenience.

  • Hassle-Free Booking: Booking your MarketSense+ audit is easy and hassle-free. Simply reserve your time slot, and we'll take care of the rest. All we require from you is access to your channels and data, which will be confirmed once your booking is finalised.

  • Personalised Kick-off Session: To kick-start the audit and review process, we'll have a one-on-one session to understand your goals. This ensures that our audit aligns perfectly with your objectives.

Experience accelerated growth in the digital era with the Strategic Focus Program taking learnings from 9 figure business to craft quick wins and long term success. Through our Agile Strategic Framework, we offer a holistic set of growth strategies that spans all business facets. Gain an edge with dynamic customer segments, ensuring rapid adaptability to evolving needs. Elevate your marketing through data-driven optimisation, enhancing performance and brand image. Activate a cohesive brand identity seamlessly across touch-points. Foster strategic collaboration, internally and externally, cultivating an agile culture for innovative problem-solving and swift solution implementation.

Phase 1: MarketSense+ Audit: Embark on an in-depth evaluation of your existing digital and marketing strategies, uncovering key insights with MarketSense+ to set the foundation for subsequent phases.

  • Dive into current strategies, extracting invaluable insights.

  • Receive a tailored review document spotlighting unique business opportunities.

  • Benefit from an easy booking process and a personalized introductory session, ensuring alignment with your goals.

Phase 2: Workshops & Analysis: Engage in collaborative workshops tailored to dissect and understand various components of your marketing approach, fostering a shared vision for the future.

  • Agile Strategic Framework Workshop: Define and introduce a flexible and adaptive framework for strategic planning and execution.

  • Customer Segmentation Workshop: Engage in sessions focusing on analysing and categorising customers to spotlight growth segments.

  • Strategic Planning Workshop: Collaborate on designing a long-term strategy to elevate {brand} perception and value. Co-create short-term {performance} strategies to augment revenue.

  • Marketing Capabilities Workshop: Delve into the nuances of marketing strengths and areas for enhancement. Design sessions centered around learning and coaching needs for teams. Discussions on strategies for new talent acquisition and potential outsourcing.

  • Technology & Partners Workshop: Curate an in-depth technology brief to guide future digital initiatives. Engage with potential digital partners to envision a harmonized ecosystem.

Phase 3: Deliverables & Implementation: Receive comprehensive documents and tools crystallized from the insights of the earlier phases, and initiate the rollout of refined strategies for intentional growth.

  • Strategic Focus Paper: An in-depth document encapsulating the findings, recommendations, and future-focused strategies sourced from Phase 1 and 2 insights.

  • Digital Health Tracker: A monitoring tool to regularly assess the health and effectiveness of your digital efforts.

  • Bespoke Briefs: Detailed documents guiding the rollout of identified strategies and collaborations.

  • Strategy Deployment: Spearhead the initiation of key strategies derived from the prior phases.

Share your challenges and benefit from expert guidance, ensuring a solid foundation for growth and sidestepping expensive errors or resource misallocation.

About your coach

Jane's journey as a brand builder began at the renowned Saatchi & Saatchi, where she collaborated with global brands. In 2000, she ventured into the digital landscape, advising brands on digital strategy and helping them expand online while boosting customer engagement. Now, Jane brings her expertise from scaling 9-figure businesses to your digital journey, sharing her methodologies to help you unlock and amplify your unique value. What sets Jane apart is her proven methodology that combines a human-centered approach with commercial outcomes. Areas of expertise include;

  1. Technology: Navigate the latest digital tools and platforms, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

  2. Marketing: Harness digital marketing strategies to maximize reach and impact.

  3. Brand: Strengthen your brand's digital presence and resonance.

  4. Customer: Understand and engage with your digital audience like never before.

  5. Data: Harness the power of data analytics. Translate raw data into actionable insights, drive decision-making, and optimize performance.

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